Your cords and cables are so much better than the best I have been able to find and they can not be compared with any I've ever heard. They are non-wires; they are conduits to reality with nothing audible separating me from live.
"What am I hearing, with 10 maybe 20 hours on Supernova? The Holy Grail of audio, at least as far as I’m concerned, is infinite speed with zero edge."
Since receiving the Nova cables, I have been playing music that I have heard so many times in so many different formats through the years that I could probably write the sheet music. And yet, now for the first time they sound entirely different and so engaging. Fantastic!
I received the power cords and dropped them in and wow did things get quiet in a hurry. The quietness allowed me to hear the subtleties that I didn’t know were even there before.
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