The way music should be



M101 hi-fi audio cables bring astronomical improvement in all aspects of musical presentation,  100% hand made in USA.

Nova LAN cable has quickly become our best seller after the 2022 Capitol Audio Fest. We were running demonstrations of generic ethernet cable vs M101 Nova LAN cable and as one of our customers stated: “it was a jaw dropping difference”. Anyone could hear the difference. 

Experience the explosion!

Moneoone way

The way music should be

Assembled by hand

Moneoone cables are designed and assembled in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.


Lifetime warranty on all our products to the original purchaser.

Free Shipping

Free shipping on all our products.

Money Back

Money back guarantee within 30 days of delivery.

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Our Happy Clients

"What am I hearing, with 10 maybe 20 hours on Supernova? The Holy Grail of audio, at least as far as I’m concerned, is infinite speed with zero edge."
"Since receiving the Nova cables, I have been playing music that I have heard so many times in so many different formats through the years that I could probably write the sheet music. And yet, now for the first time they sound entirely different and so engaging. Fantastic!"
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