Founded in 2021, M101 Audio Cables is a pioneering company that combines innovative technology, the highest quality conductive materials, and cutting-edge 3D printing techniques to craft unparalleled cable systems. Our mission is to deliver flawless original sound quality through a matrix of intricately configured spiral wires, securely held in place by our uniquely designed printed components.


Product Offerings

At M101 Audio Cables, we offer a range of premium cable series to meet the diverse needs of audiophiles:

Nova Series: Designed for those seeking high-end audio experiences at affordable prices, the Nova series provides exceptional sound quality without breaking the bank.

Supernova Series: Our exclusive Supernova series is meticulously crafted as special orders, involving complex manufacturing and assembly processes. Each cable in this series boasts a unique design, with multiple wires running perpendicular to each other along the entire length. These wires are expertly separated by 3D printed components, resulting in minimal capacitance and inductance.

Hypernova Series: Like our Supernova series, the Hypernova series is produced exclusively and tailored to meet your specific requirements. This series takes cable design to the next level, offering unrivaled performance with its complex wire configuration and precision 3D printed parts.


Our Commitment

M101 Audio Cables is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of audio technology. We’re passionate about providing our customers with cables that not only meet but exceed their expectations. Our constant pursuit of innovation and commitment to using the finest materials ensure that every cable we create delivers an exceptional listening experience.

Experience the future of audio with M101 Audio Cables.


We offer lifetime warranty on all our products to the original purchaser.

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We offer free shipping on all our products.

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We offer money back guarantee within 30 days of delivery.

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