Physicist Lubomir Dostal decided to make an unconventional career change after spending several years in academia — a switch from physics to the world of music, his real passion!

Born in the Czech Republic, Lubomir earned his PhD from Berlin, Germany and then went on to work as a Postdoctoral researcher at Johns Hopkins University and the University of Michigan. 

From a young age, Lubomir has always been fascinated with solving puzzles, figuring out how things work, and breaking things apart only to put them back together again. 

Lubomir was fifteen when he built his first reflective telescope. “I wanted a telescope as a young boy but they were quite expensive, so I made one myself.” When he stepped aside from academic research to pursue his interest in music, he took the same approach. “In my search for exceptional sound quality, I realized it meant buying extremely expensive music systems. I decided to test for myself which components of the system would bring out the biggest difference, and if I could create them myself.” 

He then came across highly debated blogs on the impact of audio cables — something some audiophiles swear by and others laugh at. 

As a scientist, he had to test this for himself. And doing so led to a series of data searches.

Lubomir soon realized that the flow of music through wires — and the factors governing music’s properties — are not fully explained in present-day scientific literature. “Things were not making sense. You can measure properties of the cable but you can’t predict how it is going to sound. I had to keep an open mind and put aside the conventional understanding of how sound travelling through wires influences acoustics.”

When it comes to why cables matter, Lubomir says to “think about it this way: would you drive a luxury car with average tires? It is the same principle. To get a system to perform its best, you cannot ignore the significance of the electric flow entering and powering these systems. With the M101 cables, you can turn your existing systems into a million dollar worth musical experience.” 

And with this mindset, Lubomir created Nova and Supernova: the handcrafted, high-performing audio cables that are in the league with the best hi-fi audio cables in the world. 


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