Nova LAN cable


M101 cables were designed to overcome conflicting properties of musical presentation – full, round and balanced, versus fast. Nova LAN cable delivers perfectly round and balanced musical presentation. The soundstage expands and space around each instrument is exceptionally well defined. Nova allows you to feel the music the way you never thought possible.

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Characterized as ‘jaw dropping’ at the 2022 Capitol Audio Fest; M101 Nova LAN cable were compared with generic Cat6 LAN cable in a live demonstration using Paradigm Persona 3F speakers, Mola Mola Kaluga amplifiers, Mola Mola Makua preamplifier with built in Tambaqui DAC, and all M101 Hypernova cabling. The difference between generic and M101 Nova LAN cables were by a landslide. Unveiled at the 2022 Capitol Audio Fest, M101 Nova LAN cable has emerged as the most sought after M101 cable.

Nova is designed as a fast ethernet cable and allows up 100 Mbps internet speed.


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